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Religious History 

In 1878, there were less than 100 homes in Williamsburg.  In the winter of 1878, Rev. A. A. Myers, a Baptist minister from Hillsdale, Michigan came to Williamsburg and held a “preaching service” that lasted 10 days.  The meeting was held in a three-room public school building, which was also used for preaching services and civic meetings.  At the close of the services, Rev. Myers organized a Union Gospel Association of Williamsburg.  The members of that organization were 16 prominent men and women, who adopted the scriptures as their rule of faith and practice, including several by-laws.  Heading the list was Rev. Horace Meadors, one of the most prominent Baptist ministers in this section at that time. As Williamsburg’s population increased, its citizens felt the need for the establishment of churches within its boundaries.



1870 – The First Christian Church was established at its present site.  In 1967, the church burned and a new modern brick structure was erected at the same site.

1878 - Under the leadership of the Rev. Meadors, and prominent lawyer, Reuben D. Hill, the Congregational Church was established and dedicated on March 16.  The Church was located on the northeast corner of Fifth Street and Main.  The building was destroyed by fire in July 1914.  A smaller building was built at Sixth and Maple Streets.  The church was closed in 1929.

1883 – Williamsburg Baptist Church was formed by eleven charter members on September 19, 1883, in the midst of a revival meeting.  The name was changed in 1906-1907 to First Baptist Church (  The church has constructed three meeting houses, all on the same site on South Fifth Street.  The first one was outgrown by the congregation, the second one burned in January 1924, and the third completed in 1926 still stands at the original location.

On October 30, 1885, the Mount Zion Association on Baptist was formed and they referred to the teaching of the Congregationalists as “foreign” and urged the community to form Baptist schools to compete with the established Congregationalist schools in Whitley County and Williamsburg.

1887 – The Methodist Church was organized prior to 1887.  In 1887, the Rev. R. C. Pendergrass was pastor, the church was built, and with several expansions, stands at its present location.

1900 – The first Africian-America church was built in Williamsburg, the Elm Street Baptist Church.  The original church still stands at the same location.

1906 – A small group consisting of 11 dedicated members of the rural churches had moved to Williamsburg, they organized the Second Baptist Church.  In 1926, the name was changed to Main Street Baptist Church (  the church building was constructed and dedicated in June 1911.  In February of 1958, the Main Street Baptist Church was destroyed by fire.  In March 1959, the members worshipped in their new building on the site of the old church, on the corner of Tenth and Main.

1956 – The Seventh-day Adventists church was officially organized with fifteen charter members.  In 1968, the Adventist completed their modern church building off Eleventh Street on Croley Bend Road.


Information from:  “Whitley County, Kentucky History & Families”