Historical Photos

Historical Photos of Williamsburg

Williamsburg became a town about the same time as the county was formed in
1818. The land was donated for the courthouse by Samuel Cox.  At the same
time, he offered lots for sale for the formation of the town. 
The lots were laid out by Col. Gillis, a surveyor.

Williamsburg was first known as “Cox’s Crossing.”  At this time a ferry was
being used to cross the Cumberland River and was owned and operated by
Samuel Cox.  The site for the town was probably selected because of the
three fresh water springs nearby which furnished an abundance of good
drinking water for the entire Williamsburg settlements.

The town was once called Whitley Courthouse and its first postmaster was
James H. Early.  He was chosen on July 16, 1829.  It was called this by the
Post office Department until about 1870-71.

From the very beginnings of Williamsburg to present day, many changes
have taken place in our community.  Documenting the changes and
developments in Williamsburg are an important part of the town's heritage.  

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